Krav Maga Training Academy

6909 Engle Road, Suite 2
Middleberg Heights, OH 44130




Krav Maga Training Academy was formed after a collective of displaced Krav Maga students were without a home after a series of unfortunate events. Unwilling to leave Cleveland's west side without Krav Maga, Mark DePhillips decided to open  Krav Maga Training Academy in 2018. As the head instructor, he brought back many familiar faces and revised the curriculum for the modern world.

Krav Maga Training Academy continues to evolve, doing our best to make sure you get home safe.



Mark DePhillips

Mark has over 28 years of training and instruction in various forms of combat. He served in the United States Marine Corps as an MCMAP (Scout Sniper Instructor and Martial Arts) instructor, a Cold Weather survival instructor and marksmanship coach. Mark started teaching professionally in 1991 as a Kenpo instructor. Since then he has received numerous instructional certifications, taught self-defense tactical medicine for the Ohio Tactical Officer’s Association, worked as an ALERRT (advanced law enforcement rapid response training) adjunct instructor for Texas State University’s active shooter program, and is a founding member of the Cleveland SWAT Paramedic Program.

Mark currently serves as a Firefighter Paramedic. Mark believes in enabling people to protect themselves first through awareness, then Krav Maga if necessary. Armed with his passion and this philosophy of self-defense lead Mark to open Krav Maga Training Academy in 2019.

Head Instructor // Owner
Level 6 Black Belt

Mark is also the owner of Select-Fire training center in Berea, Ohio.


  • World Wide Krav Maga – Men, Women’s and Kid’s Krav Maga

  • Ryan Hoover’s Fight to Fit: Black belt instructor

  • Fit to Fight I instructor

  • Stop the Bleed instructor